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February 16, 2005
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Longhorn 1280x1024 by ho-mono Longhorn 1280x1024 by ho-mono
My first skin ever!. Never done any thing like this before.

This theme is designed for myself but i would like to share it with other skinners too.

With thanks to [link] for creating the GT3 Weather module that i incorporated in to this dX theme.
Also thanks to Mormegil for the system and program menu iconsets and also to Benjimen for the MSN and WMP icons.
Personal thanks to [link] for the inspiration of this theme as one of his themes designs in functions inspired me in my creation.

I hope you all like it and any criticism is welcomed.

Object Menu based theme, every thing can be open or closed at the click of a button.
Simplistic in functionality and easy on the eye, this i feel is a clean looking theme.
Incorporation of the GT3 weather object and other nice widgets for short cuts to mostly used programs.


Closed Menu System.

Main Menu Open.

Program Options Open.

Task Bar And System Tray + System Vitals.

HDD Short Cuts Open

Website Launchers.

Desktop Fully Open With All Menus.

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strdr4 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2005

What about the toolbar for webpages? I'm not used to pressing alt+tab to view them.
Sentientv2 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2005
I think the easiest way to package this is to rename the *.zip file into a *.dxtheme.... they are the same thing... the newer version of desktopx wasn't too accomodating with the zip file so I name it to a *.dxtheme and it loaded fine.

the-freak6 Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
How can use the shell for my computer ? by the way cool artwork :headbang:
ScrOogeZA Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2005   Filmographer
very nice... i like how the icons and all flow well with the picture. Can anyone help me find websites that teach skinning??
ScrOogeZA Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2005   Filmographer
lol, ye i looked around, and i see that u basically have to teach urself like most other things :/
hehe, its fine tho, i can make a plan
ho-mono Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2005  Professional General Artist
i dont know about teaching skinning, that was my first and only skin i have made, though i do a lot of design work and webdesign.... so this was kinda easy to put together.. took me i think about 7 hours once i figured out how i wanted the menu structure to work and start putting that together.
AudibleSilence Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2005
I have downloaded this theme and desktopx but how the heck do you get this working!?!?

DesktopX when you try to load a new theme looks for a single file with all the theme info. Your zip file includes lots of files and none of which desktopx acknowledges.

Any help would be great.
ho-mono Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2005  Professional General Artist
leave it as a zip file!!!!.... in desktopX, just point "load new theme" to the zip file.
thoma Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2005
ive got the clock thing and the wallpaper but thats it how do you add the start bar and icons and such
when i try to load the theme as a zip.(books ina strap right?) i just get the dock thingy on the side
i hate to bitching you like this :(
ho-mono Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2005  Professional General Artist
by default you will see the clock underneith the clock you have >>Desktop Interaction<< click that and it will open the menu structure.

my system when booted opens the theme to its full state, its then up to me to leave it that way or close the menu's down.

i hope that you figure it... the zip file is perfect!.. i know cos i just reformatted my c drive, installed windows Longhorn, installed desktopX, downloaded this theme from devart... and it all works perfectly fine.

if you have any other questions give me a shout.

i have more ideas for this theme!.
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